Saturday, 17 March 2012


LOVE they say is a blissful feeling..

Pure very sacred yet it tends to hurt in ways we never get to understand at times.. Love is complex and powerful.
It could be sensational in a very vast way yet we feel pain while tears over take our soul but yet we are calm in misery because of love! Love!

We go into relationships sometimes for the wrong reason's but yet at times for the right reason but get entangled by the wrongs of love, the hatred of love, the fakeness of love, the lies of love which deosn't really come take in the reality of life and love. I personally do not understand.

But yet Love is a word which people use on a daily basis, it could be the way you feel for a loved one e.g your family, friends,lovers and so on.
These days i tend to see young people in relationships that are beautiful and amazing but after a while everything turns sour, i find it really diffcult to understand because if it was so blissful at the start then what went wrong!