Saturday, 17 March 2012


LOVE they say is a blissful feeling..

Pure very sacred yet it tends to hurt in ways we never get to understand at times.. Love is complex and powerful.
It could be sensational in a very vast way yet we feel pain while tears over take our soul but yet we are calm in misery because of love! Love!

We go into relationships sometimes for the wrong reason's but yet at times for the right reason but get entangled by the wrongs of love, the hatred of love, the fakeness of love, the lies of love which deosn't really come take in the reality of life and love. I personally do not understand.

But yet Love is a word which people use on a daily basis, it could be the way you feel for a loved one e.g your family, friends,lovers and so on.
These days i tend to see young people in relationships that are beautiful and amazing but after a while everything turns sour, i find it really diffcult to understand because if it was so blissful at the start then what went wrong!

Friday, 16 March 2012

getting my blog on :)

Ok so i haven't done this in 3 years lol the story of my life, i completley forgot i owned a blog sef lol. I just decided to give it another shot, so am back baybay getting my blog ooooonnnnnn :).

So today is the 16th of march 2012, my mates are planing on grooving and am indoors watching a nigerian movie. Speaking about nigerian movies, i swear i feel dumb after watching some pretty stupid ones. It actually pisses me off when they try to do all them FBI and CSI ish in nollywood like seriously??????? Wetin una sabi????? Then you hear stuff like "we have to go undercover that is what they taught us in the police academy" buhahahahahahaha what police academy????

Why don't we like to stick with what we know???? The one that kills me is when they mention the name of the movie in a scene e.g this is the FINAL BATTLE then they play one ridiculous/pointless soundtrack that just just makes them look very stupid. I used to think that to go into acting, one should aleast be talented and most of all be able to speak ENGLISH now ogini bu all this rabbish you people are feeding my ears??????.

I honestlty don't know where they get these so called actors from these days o, it is really bad your making a movie and your actors can not construct proper sentences to save their lives. If most of them where held by armed mhen and told to make a proper sentence or get killed, we will loose alot of our nollywood stars :).

Am happy that we have a movie industry in nigeria o, i won't lie because they entertain me so much the feeling i get is priceless but when they bring it to london and after all the noise about the movie and making people pay 30quid(which i can use to go to d cinema watch a movie buy buffcorn and drinks sef lol) and the movie ends up being crap, it makes me laugh because the complaints are just hilarious. How can you premier a movie in another country and the sound is bad or the actors are crap, everything is just wrong.

Am not abusing my country people o, this is just my way of showing some love :)........

Monday, 2 November 2009


So last weekend was halloween nd dis foolish british ppl wanted 2 deafen me cos of fireworks, jeez dis british ppl piss me off sometyms imagine halloween in an american tradition but trust d britz 2 carry it on their heads kai hingland ooooooooo lol.

plus dey started d fireworks madness 2weeks b4 d halloween, can u imagine d nonsense mhen i swear i used 2 dream of fireworks cause its jus ridiculous nd guess wat dey still havent stopped oh nd 2day is monday chimooooooooo ndi hingland let me hear now lol.

Asin i heard alot of halloween stories but one topped d chat 4 me kai i couldnt stop cracking up check out some adorable kids knocked on ma friends door nd her mum answered d door, d kids shouted Trick or Treat nd guess wat ma riends mum said
"Get Out Of Here! I Dnt Worship Satan, I'm A Christian" The shocked kids Walk Off Scowlin lmfaoooooooooooooo asin i was shocked myself, but it was funny sha...

Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Where can i start from now? ok dont tell me i know lol, well ive been away 4 ages due to certain circumstances beyond my control hmmmmm see me sounding like one big shot bank manager mhen d truth of the matter is dat i have been very busy oooo asin work nd some other ishes but now am free at last so lets gist.

So we re in august nd trust me alot of things have been happening, my aunty came from 9ja wiv her kids nd wiv really been chillin nd having a gud tym, her kids are off d hook mhen theres Toma d fabulous one, uzi d princess, ogo d dancer/cutie nd last but not d least chizu mhen shes d cutes 4yr old eva kai i cant stop takin pics of her.(am even planing on stealin here lol) nd we have d whole house 2 ourselves kool init lol

See trouble oooo..... we went shopping asin d kids b4 we left our parents hired a cab 2 take us where we wanted 2 go asin we where feelin so kool we even went 2 pick someone up, we went shopping nd we had a gud tym, den dat evening d cab driver came 2 d house 2 take his cheese apparently he said we had 2 give him 100 pounds nd we didnt have any moni cause we had spent all hehehe he was tellin us of how he carried 8 ppl mean while we were six ooo mhen afriad cash all of us lol trust our mothers now dey took care of d ish nd we ended up not payin anything hehehehehehe dats wats up lol.

Then 2day oooo.... we were meant 2 go 4 wande coal's album lunch trust me now i done plan cloth 4 ma head trust me now 9ja babe, only 4 ma aunty 2 call nd d silly ppl were not picking up their fone kai i no fit vex, cause i had pictured maself in dat parry or wareva it was singin bumper 2 bumper or shey na like dis or even kiss your hand kai i am proper vexed right now i cant even explain it. So i decided 2 entertain maself by goin 2 d garden and chillin, omg u wont believe wat i saw..... hmmm i saw a white cat dat some oyibo man had advertised 2 be missing sitting under d tree smoking weed mhen i no dey waste tym i called ma cuzin nd we went 2 join it/him/her.

Deres more but i will continue later cause right now am being treathened wiv DORITOS can u imagine cause i hate d smell ma cuzins dat am older dan re feeling kool nd tryin 2 stuff it in ma nose but dont worry i shall deal wiv dem. takia nd have a gud day.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Me as a lil pikin.

My pikinhood was so much fun abeg from swallowing 50 kobo to a nail chuking ma head (come to think of it now i know y am always having headaches lol) and am serz no jokes, dis my craziness no be 2day e start e don start since i dey inside ma mama belle hehehehe.....

I cant give u all d details of my birth but trust me i remember d day i came out of my mums belle it goes like dis it was a warm/cool saturday afternoon when i knocked on my mums tommy nd i told her ur water go soon break oooo... so u beta enter okada go hospital now cause me i no want make u born me for dis house, jeez wat kind of person am i? i scare myself sometyms serzly. ok back 2 d main tory

Am a p-town shick mhen, i grew up wiv d bestest (if dats a word) family eva nd see d way i turned out kai i don fuck up oooo.... so me as a pikin i was jus 2 curious nd it wasnt funny at all kai for instance when i see someone pass wiv a plate i follow dem nd i dont care if d plate is empty i will still follow d person, i know i was an ofoodie lol. My favourite sentence was "I MUST TOO" i remember wen ma aunts were playin a game wiv stones cant really remember wat its was called i asked dem pls can i play d wonderful ladies said no, i asked again nd dey refused so i picked d stones up nd said i must 2 throway nd dey thought i was jokin i threw d stones ova d fence nd dey beat d living day light out of me nd i cried lol true story.

B4 i started i started my 1st day at primary school na fight i no gree stay 4 class ma aunt had 2 seat wiv me in class, den one teacher i will neva 4get aunty angela she brought out her puppet nd d nxt thing i heard was if u dont write i will swallow you, omo see d way i started writting i no won hear story nd guess wat at d end of d term i ran home 2 my grand dad nd shouted i passed i came one hundered nd onety one in english it means 111th out of 115 students yh i now i am dumb like dat lol.

My pikinhood was jus 2 interesting like wen i was about 6yrs old i had 50kobo dat ma grand dad gave me 2 buy toffee sweet my favourite since i was lil i couldnt go 2 d shops so i begged ma aunts nd dem no gree so i went into d house nd lay down nd was playin wiv d kobo b4 i could say jack robinson d kobo dey inside my belle damn it wasnt funny ma tummy was so heavy i couldnt move, thanks 2 God i went 2 d white house 2 take it out nd it came out my grand dad told my aunts 2 take it out nd go nd buy my toffee nd i licked dem by myself lol true story.

Dats true i also used 2 talk 2 our chickens i used 2 call myself their mother i know i was a foolish pikin nd guess wat i named d chickens after all d ppl i hated nd when i saw dem i shouted out their name nd when dey answered i would say sorry i wasnt callin u, i was calling the chicken hehehehehehehehehehe i know am evil lol.

The funny one was when my grand dad nd i decided 2 plock oranges cause we have all sorts of fruits in ma house, we had a special stick 4 dis task nd dis stick had a nail connected 2 it so we can pull d oranges outta d tree. so it was goin very well ooo den we finished nd ma aunt told me move out of d way nd i ran 2 a place i felt was safe nd d nxt thing i new there was a nail in ma head connected 2 a stick nd i jus started running around nd i think d nxt thing dat happened was dat i passed out cause i cant remember again nd d scar is still on ma head nd it still hurts, wow my pikinhood good tyms. lmfaooooo am sure ppl dat read dis will think am mad but these things really did happened nd more but ive got 2 stop here. Enjoy

Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Well life before marriage wat can i say, i neva marry oooo so am jus looking for trouble. so this is a conversation between a man nd a woman b4 dem decide 2 do traditional/white wedding hehehehe. Since am making dis story nigerian am goin 2 give dem some typical 9ja names: the man is from calabar so his name is ikott(must be pronounced in a calabar accent), d babe name na ndidi she from infact i dont have a clue were shes from but she fit ikott well well lol am a mumu oooo.....kai.

conversation between ikott nd ndidi b4 dem marry:
i dont know wat dey were talkin about but ikott's 1st comment was

Ikott- Ah... at last. I can hardly wait
Ndidi- Do you want me to leave?
Ikott- No! Dont even think about it.
Ndidi- Do you love me?
Ikott- Offcourse! Alway have and always will!
Ndidi- Have you ever cheated on me?
Ikott- No! Why are you even asking?
Ndidi- Will you kiss me?
Ikott- Every chance i get!
Ndidi- Will you leave me?
Ikott- Hell no! Are you crazy?
Ndidi- Can i trust you?
Ikott- Yes.
Ndidi- Darling!

Ikott nd ndidi done marry for like 2 years now dey done born 12 children their on football team, i know a football team has 11 players but dey had 12 jus incase of incasity lol. look at their life after marriage pls read d conversation dey had be4 dey got married, but dis tym read it from the bottom.